Our growers

Mehadrin believes that the foundations of the company are rooted in the earth of its orchards and the people who are tending them

Our fresh produce comes in daily from over 4000 hectares of agricultural holdings. The vast majority of our plantations are owned by the company or are on a long-term lease to Mehadrin, and are solely tended by our growers.

A strong family

Mehadrin takes pride in the fact that many of its employees have been with the company for tens of years. At the same time, we believe in merging this vast pool of experience and knowledge with young agronomists who introduce new agricultural technologies, innovation, and progress.

Growers at heart

Our goal is to grow the highest quality produce. To this end, Mehadrin allocates extensive resources towards research and development, which include professional cooperation with leading institutes and researchers.

Keeping up-to-date

All our growers participate in advanced workshops at least three times a year, to “irrigate” the roots of innovation, research, and know-how, for which we are known.

We are spread out globally

Aiming at growing and supplying products to our customers throughout the year, we are spreading out globally, and plant avocados and citrus together with our partners in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Our products

We grow avocados, known as a superfood due to the high content of a wide range of nutrients including antioxidants, various vitamins, and minerals.


Mehadrin is a global grower and supplier of a wide range of citrus fruits, as well as a leading global supplier of the world-renowned JAFFA brand.


The sale of dates, known as the “nature candy” has increased substantially over the last few years. We grow and market three great varieties; Medjool, Barhi, and Deglet Noor, in various package sizes.