Mehadrin promotes responsible and sustainable agriculture throughout its farms, by maintaining to the following principles and activities:

Environmental Agriculture Certifications

Mehadrin promotes environmentally sustainable agriculture by implementing several environmental programs as follows: Agriculture waste management programs that increase recycling rates; Ongoing checks of irrigation water supply and groundwater; Reducing energy and fuel consumption for agriculture machinery; Promoting nature and landscape values activities.
All of the Mehadrin crops comply with the GlobalGap and Tesco Nature Choice (TNC) standards.

Integrated Pesticides Management (IPM) methods

To reduce the environmental effects of pesticides, Mehadrin invests heavily in resources in R&D, and implements advanced Integrated Pesticides Management (IPM) methods, including the following: Replacing the common pesticide spraying methods with alternative environmental-friendly methods; Expanding the use of other environmental-friendly pest-control methods; Expanding biological pest-control methods involving the use of wasps, hornets, and bees, and dispersing of futile insects;
Maintaining groves’ hygiene.

Energy efficiency

Mehadrin tracks its energy consumption in all of its packing houses and cooling storage facilities and actively promotes energy efficiency projects with respect to electricity and fuel reductions.

Renewable energy production

In 2010, Mehadrin started to implement Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar systems for its packing houses. Solar systems reduce the amount of fossil-fuel-generated electricity that is purchased from the national grid, and allow Mehadrin to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Waste Management & Recycling

Mehadrin manages its waste on the principle of REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE to minimize the amount of waste.
Mehadrin examines the actual needs of the packing house to reduce the amount of packing material to the bare minimum. Damaged packing materials are collected and reused if possible, or sent to recycling via special containers.

Working with our environment

We aspire to make the most of Israel’s natural resources to support our activities while promoting environmentally responsible agriculture. We are committed to constantly monitoring our environmental impact, minimizing negative effects, and avoiding any environmental damage for the benefit of the public and future generations.
Mehadrin has developed advanced Environmental Performance Indexes (EPIs) in order to continue reducing its environmental impact.

Packing Houses and Cooling Storage

Mehadrin recognizes that its packing houses and cooling storage facilities have various environmental impacts, and works to identify and reduce them in various ways, by implementing sustainable energy resources and using environment-friendly materials.

Carbon Footprint Project

Product Carbon Footprint is a method to measure and calculate the impact of our products and activities on the environment, in particular on climate change.
Mehadrin was the first Israeli company to measure and calculate its products’ Carbon Footprint using a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach. The carbon footprints of Mehadrin’s products were certified for conformity with PAS 2050, and the Code of Good Practice by the Carbon Trust.

Ethical code

Mehadrin strives to supplying the highest quality, freshest, and most nutritional produce while meeting the strictest international requirements applied in our field. Furthermore, we consider our workers to be our most precious resource and are committed to their well-being, safety, and social rights. Mehadrin is certified according to the Social Accountability Standard (SA8000) and is listed on SEDEDX since 2004. In 2015 Mehadrin adopted the Global G.A.P. GRASP as part of our ongoing aspiration to continue improving in all aspects.

Our products

We grow avocados, known as a superfood due to the high content of a wide range of nutrients including antioxidants, various vitamins, and minerals.


Mehadrin is a global grower and supplier of a wide range of citrus fruits, as well as a leading global supplier of the world-renowned JAFFA brand.


The sale of dates, known as the “nature candy” has increased substantially over the last few years. We grow and market three great varieties; Medjool, Barhi, and Deglet Noor, in various package sizes.